CPU usage of a specific program.

I am wondering how to configure EventSentry to only monitor a specific application's CPU usage. Right now I am receiving emails when the CPU is above my threshold, however I do not know which application is responsible. Has anyone figured out a way to only monitor application CPU usage?


  • It is possible to use EventSentry to monitor the CPU usage of specific process. You can configure this in a Performance Monitoring item. This item can be added to any System Health Package, by default it should be found under the Performance Alerts package. You will then want to add new performance counter by clicking the plus sign.

    You can name and configure this any way you wish, but the important part is that you instruct EventSentry to monitor the correct process. Click Browse and you will be presented with the Windows performance counters EventSentry can monitor. At this point you will want to change the Performance object to Process and select the "% Processor Time" counter. You will notice that the instance options may look familiar. From there you can select the given process you are interested in monitoring. You can then configure a filter to notify you when the threshold is exceeded.

    I hope this helps.
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