Special characters in OU names

Hello all.

I have taken over AD from another, and I know it's not best practice, but some OU have "special" characters, such as ö, ð, æ for instance. AutoAdministrator does not parse these groups (OU) - shows them as empty.

Any quick fix for this, or am I going to rename OUs?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Skuli,

    I was able to reproduce this problem on our end, and we will be looking into this shortly and post an update here. This should definitely work.

    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix and you would have to rename those OUs if you would like to enumerate the computers in them - at least with the currently available version. I'm not sure if it's necessarily bad practice to include special characters, but you can probably avoid problems down the road if you omit them.

  • Just for the record I wanted to confirm that this has been fixed, the latest version of AutoAdministrator does not have this problem anymore.
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