Adding multiple computers to custom groups

Hello all.

First off, thanks for a cool program. I use it quite heavily.

When I mark multiple computers, right-click and select add to custom group, only every other computer gets added to the group; comp1, comp3, comp5,... get added but comp2, comp4, comp6 do not.

Also, AA does not automatically save custom groups, I have to save to file first. Would be nice to have it automatically keep track of the groups.



  • Hi Skuli,

    We are unable to reproduce this issue here. Do you have the final release and not the beta version?

    Are you selecting these computers from Active Directory?

  • Hi Tames.

    I have the final version according to the About box (2.0).

    Yes, I am selecting from the AD.

  • I have just re-installed AA, still the same.

    Also, if I drag & drop from AD to custom group instead of right-clicking, all computers get copied.

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