Maintenance mode?

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A couple of people in my team have asked me if it's possible to mark servers/computers as being in "maintenance mode" at all? This would help in scenarios where we have planned time to patch / upgrade / install software on the servers and it doesn't need to be logged, recorded or notify us as we're working directly on them.

I suspect this is very similar in function to simply stopping the EventSentry agent, however perhaps it could be marked in some way as planned downtime / maintenance in order to differentiate itself from the server simply being turned off, or the EventSentry agent not running when it should be. Also, turning the agent off when it's set to run automatically in Group Policy might be tricky ;)

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  • Hi Robin,

    Yes, if you right click on a system in the Management Console, you can select 'Set Maintenance Schedule(s)' for that particular system. This will make sure the Heartbeat agent does not send messages that the system is down.
    Using this method the EventSentry agent on that system will still work so you will have to manually stop that as well.

    If you have this set in Group Policy, probably the easiest method would be to remove the agent from that system while you are doing maintenance and then re-install it after your maintenance is finished.

  • Hi Robin,

    As Steve mentioned you can set maintenance schedules for the heartbeat monitoring, but this will not affect the monitoring by the agents, such as email notifications.

    This is planned for a future release, when we'll make it configurable which types of notifications or actions (e.g. email, pager) should be suppressed during a maintenance schedule.

    Thanks for mentioning this, this will help us bump up the priority of this pending feature.

  • Hi Steve / Ingmar,

    Thanks for your replies on this. I think for now we would have to uninstall the agent, patch, and reinstall, as we don't want notifications during that period (either heartbeat status, or email alerts). The only problem is that with 120+ servers it would add a substantial amount of time to the patching process.

    Hopefully the feature will definitely be added at a later date :)


  • I'd like to second getting a 'maintenance mode' option for ES to supress all notifications when we are doing scheduled work on a system.

    That being said - I've found a decent workaround where I disable my Email actions in the ES Management Console before I start working on my systems. Once I'm done with the maintenance/reboots/etc I enable the Email action again.

    You could also unassign an Event Log package for a specific system if you are only doing work to one specific computer. I havent tried that method yet but am thinking it would work...

    Hope this helps!
  • Another option is to create a "Maintenance" event log package. Put an exclude filter in there that excludes all events for all your email notifications. Exclude filters take precedence over includes so this will block all emails. Simply assign this to the machine you are doing maintenance on, then unassign it when finished. You can even set an expiration on the filter in case you forget to unassign it.

  • For reference purposes: We added the ability to apply maintenance schedules to any email notifications in EventSentry v3.1, this can be configured in the "Global Options":
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