Light edition limitations

Liking the product and am interested to purchase. For now, I'm trying to use the light edition as an internal proof of concept.

On the "full vs light" page, does this limitation: "Remote Update ((Un)Install,update,configure,control remote installations) 2 Max" mean that I can only monitor two machines, or can is there a way I can install the light edition agent on more machines, and somehow configure them with the management console? The differences between the full version and the light version don't seem to be clearly explained anywhere. I'm finding the full vs light page a bit hard to understand, probably because I'm a fairly new user.



  • Hi Julian,

    Yes, with EventSentry light you are only able to have two remote agents setup in your configuration.

    There are a number of features that the full version of EventSentry has that are not available in the light version. A list that compares the two products can be found here:

    If you are trying to do a 'proof of concept' for your company, I would recommend trying a 30 day evaluation of the full version of EventSentry which can be applied for here:

    Since there are many limitations of the light version, it is really made for more of a 'home' use while the full version will allow you to consolidate your events into a centralized database and allow you to track trends in your hardware and software for analysis at a later date.

  • Hi
    Thanks for the reply. Realistically it could take over a month to get approval, and Christmas will muck around with that too. Would you be able to extend the trial somehow if I got into that situation?

  • Hi Julian,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Yes, we can definitely extend your trial. You can either get in touch with our sales or support team, or reply to the email you'll get when the evaluation expires.

  • Does my local client (on wich I run the console) count as an remote agent?
    It seems like it does. I cannot delete my client computer. Should I run the console from a server if I would like to monitor 2 agents?
  • Yes, the host where the management console runs also counts as an agent. Consequently you would need to install EventSentry on a server if you didn't want your workstation to utilize a license.
  • Thanks for your answer. I love the product, so we bought it. Console also counts as an agent on full version?
  • Glad you like it, thanks for letting us know! Yes, the console also counts as a license. Any Windows computer which is running an EventSentry executable (agent, console, collector, ...) counts as a full license, but you will never use more than one license per host.
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