upgrade to 2.92 broke my web reports

upgraded from 2.91.110 to 2.92.0 and now the webreports are no longer working.
I'm getting a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Rebooted the server and all. Still the same.
Any idea what I can try to get it back up and running?


  • Hi Fred,

    Which version of IIS are you using?
    Also, can you remove the 'Show Friendly HTTP error messages' option in your IE options menu and attempt to reload the page again? (this should allow us to get more information on the error you are seeing).
  • Hey, Steve. W2K8 64bit with IIS7. Friedly pages does not give more information.
    Here is the error: The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.
    It all worked fine before the upgrade. So wondered what changed.
    If you want to remote in let me know. I have time.
  • Hi Fred,

    Try running the 'C:\Program Files\EventSentry\IIS\enable_anonymous_access_iis7.cmd' file on that system. to see if that helps with access to that directory.

    If you're still having issues after that we would probably have to get a better look at your IIS configuration to see what has changed on your system.
  • That did the trick Steve. Thanks for the assistance.
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