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We previously setup EventSentry using a MSSQL database and have added a MySQL database and Web Reports profile to replace it. Everything seem to be working properly with the except of the Web Reports Event->Reports menu option (eventsentry_reports.asp). If I go to the menu option using the MSSQL profile, all the report options are available, but if I attempt to go to the menu option with the newly created MySQL profile, I get:

"The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

This is on an IIS7 webserver.


  • Hello,

    In IIS 7, the debugging isn't on by default so I'm going to need you to make a few changes. First, I'll need you to make sure that IE isn't configured to show friendly http errors:

    * Open Internet Explorer
    * Click Tools -> Internet Options
    * Click Advanced
    * Locate “Show friendly HTTP error messages” and clear checkbox
    * Reload page

    Next, I'll need you to change the debugging properties of IIS:

    * Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    * Find the EventSentry virtual directory and open the ‘ASP’ feature.
    * Expand ‘Debugging Properties’ in the list
    * To allow ASP errors output set ‘Send Errors To Browser’ setting to ‘True’
    * Press ‘Apply’ on the right pane to save the changes.

    After you've made those changes then try to reload the page, and please send us any error message you receive. If you could also let us know what version of EventSentry you are using that would be helpful as well.

    Thank you,
  • After making the changes you suggested, I get the same error message in the browser:

    "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

    I have also noticed the following report pages give me the error when using the MySQL profile - "evensentry_tracking_groups.asp" and "eventsentry_tracking_logon_rights_policy.asp"

    We are running version 2.92 Build 11
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