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We have eventsentry 2.91 running from a MS SQL 8 database on the Eventsenrty sever which is server 2003, I have taken over its running as it seems that it was installed and left and the only bit that has been used is the network status and the odd report. I would like to do more with it and I am aiming to secure funding to upgrade to the lastest version.

I was looking round and trying to run some reports but I have a problem and I was wondering if anone knew of a fix.

The problem is that when I go into say, "event search" and go to the date, if I click on the year all I see is 2002 to 2010 the past 3 years are not showing up?

Anyone know how to correct this and get it looking at 2013?

Thanks for your imput


  • Hi Duncan,

    On the machine hosting Internet Information Server (IIS), locate and edit the eventsentry_db_inc.asp file. By default, this file is located either in C:\Program Files\EventSentry\Web or C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\Web. Open this file in notepad (or any text editor), and scroll down to line 155 and change YearMax to anything greater than 2010.

    Once you have made that change you can try and run the report again and you'll be able to select 2013.

  • Hi Steven
    Thank you so much for sorting that one out, it worked and I can now see the years that were missing :O)

    Thanks again
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