Agent Shows Error and Information on Heartbeat Screen Says Access Denied

Added an embedded Windows box to my EventSentry today for our PBX today. Created a group, asigned packages, and remotely pushed agent to windows box. Everything went well with no errors. Went into webreports > Heartbeat page and noticed that I had a warning on the agent, OK status for ping, and information box stated acess denied. Can ping from remote location to EentSntry(ES) and from ES back to windows box.

Did a netsat -an

which showed port 1433 connection established back to ES box. Can telnet to database from remote location to ES box fine. Can pull data from webreports fine for the windows box without any issues, except for the performance data looks invaild. Can not figure out why I'm getting an error on the agent with access denied. Any iedas? Thanks.


  • Hi Jeff Sadler,

    Is this new box part of a different domain or in a WORKGROUP? What account is your EventSentry Heartbeat service running as which only runs on the management console machine? We normally recommend this account run as a domain admin account so that it has permissions to query the EventSentry service on the remote machine.

    This KB article(s) should help resolve your problem:

    If you are still having trouble please let me know.


  • Steven,

    The new box is a WORKGROUP and the EventSentry box is part of a domain.
  • Steven,

    Forgot to mention that I have authentication setup through the Management console for the new Windows Box. So, in theory it should have the correct permissions to query the remote box.....
  • Hi Jeff,

    You will have to open the management console as the user the EventSentry Heartbeat service is running as to set authentication. When you set authentication in the management console I'm assuming it was as your user which stores in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section of the registry, so the account the EventSentry Heartbeat service is running as wouldn't know about that authentication. Hope this helps.

  • I worked around the problem by;

    1. Running Eventsentry (Heartbeat and server) as the domain administrator for Domain A.
    2. Then for Servers not in Domain A, I created and set the eventsentry services to start with a local administrator service account.
    3. Thereafter, on the Eventsentry Manager I configured the 'set authentication' variable for the servers not in Domain A to the local administrator service account I specified on each server.

    Let me know if this helps
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