FIlter excludes just don't work for special "Application and Services Logs"

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I have tried everything I know, and the events just keep flooding in. Specifically this one:

EVENT LOG Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational
OPCODE Launch Failure
SOURCE Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
CATEGORY Task Engine failed to start

I have tried checking pretty much every box to exclude this, and nothing stops it. Is there any way for the wizard to create the exclude, because I can't seem to load a non-local event log viewer to click on to automate the exclude.

I keep seeing notes about how this custom log from Server 2008 is not available locally.

Any ideas?


  • Hi Ben,

    Did you already add the "Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational" log to the "Custom Event Log" tab and check it?

  • Hi Tames,

    It's there and checked, but below that it says that "only custom logs from the local machine are available for selection."

    The event I am trying to filter is from another server.

    I even tried to load its event viewer into the container on the EventSentry console in order to "right click and exclude", but only the "basic 5" event logs show up from remote event viewer logs.
  • Hi Ben,

    When you're making the exclude filter, you can click the 'Custom Event Logs' tab, and then one of the log drop down boxes just type:


    Make sure that the box next to that is checked, and then remember to update the configuration on the remote machine.

  • Thanks guys for the quick responses! Steven, I believe the fix was to update the config on the remote machine. I had all those other settings in place but the minute I manually updated it, the notifications stopped.

    I am a new admin at a company that already had EventSentry, so I am new to it and nobody left knows how to use it. I honestly would have thought that the console sends its changes to the remote agents, but obviously this is not the case with this program. But regardless, that stopped the 1000+ per day notifications on that event, so I'm happy!

  • Ben,

    Glad this is working now. We plan on automating the remote update process in the future, in the meantime you can also setup our remote update utility in a scheduled task to push configuration updates automatically.

    We have a tutorial available here:
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