Dont Monitor Local Host

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Hi All, I am new to this product so hopefully this is an easy question.
I am running the Eventsentry on my local machine and want to monitor my server.
But I don't want the monitoring of my own workstation, how do I achive this as when I try to remove the host computer entry it won't let me.


  • Hello Phil,

    Currently you need to install EventSentry on a machine you wish to monitor. You then will log in to that machine to make configuration changes etc.

    Once you get everything configured, you shouldn't have to log in and access the management console very often. You can just log into the web reports from your desktop to view collected data.

  • Phil,

    You can stop & disable the EventSentry agent on the machine where the management console is installed, if you don't want to monitor it.

    In the management console, do the following:

    * Go to "Service Control"
    * Click "Stop"
    * Click "Manual"

    The agent should now be stopped and won't start even after a reboot.
  • Cool thanks for your answers guys.
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