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My heartbeat alerts seems to be odd. I occasionally get ghost alerts. Usually on Thursday's but not always if that matters. I have about 10 machines that pump out false alerts about the agent stopping or the RPC server being unavailable. I've checked all the servers and there's nothing in the event logs that says either service is stopped. For most of the servers, there's nothing even happening at this time. There's no network issues that I can find either.

So is there a way to 'clear' the heartbeats? Just to make sure that ES is not generating false alerts and putting everyone into a tizzy?



  • Hi Todd,

    I would recommend changing the "Heartbeat Options" on your groups to require more than 1 failure before logging the event to the Application log or you could exclude the Heartbeat alert with "RPC Server Unavailable" because you'd see get alerted if the machine is unreachable via ping.

    We do plan on changing the way the agent is monitored in the future to fix these false alerts from happening.

    Please let me know if this workaround doesn't work for you.

  • I tweaked the groups a little so hopefully that will fix it.

    Are there plans to change the way you adjust the groups settings? I have a good 20 or so groups (and that's me shrinking things down in a small shop) and going to each group to change the advanced heartbeat settings seems like something that should be easier. And now I have to remember to change any new group that gets created and document it for anyone else that will inherit the system. Couldn't you setup something like a package that could be assigned to a group or groups? It wouldn't be a real package on the remote machine but it would be an easy way to check to see who has what settings enabled and to be able to quickly change a large group of machines.

    Just a thought.

  • Hi Todd,

    That's a good point, I could definitely see how this could be improved.

    The defaults usually work well, but we I will submit a feature request to improve on this in a future release.

    Creating a new package type for heartbeat settings is definitely a good idea.

    Thanks for the suggestion,
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