Problems with secondary counter

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Hello, I am trying to monitor the percentage of free memory on a server.

I have problems with the related performance counter though, specifically with the secondary counter I should use as a divisor.

I'm in Italy, so I have to change all counters to their italian names. What you use as a divisor is listed as [PhysicalMemory] though, and I'm not sure it's a canonical performance counter 'cause I can't find it listed anywhere.

The result is, I don't get the percentage but just the amount of free memory. So I was wondering, is this parameter internal to the software, and should it be cross-language or not?

I hope my English didn't suck too much and I managed to explain myself.

Thanks for your time and for this incredible software.


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    You are correct, [PhysicalMemory] is a built-in identifier only used in EventSentry, and such is language agnostic (cross-language). It would work with any language, including Italian.

    Are you saying that you adjusted the performance counter for the available memory to Italian but are still not getting the memory percentage?

    Are you utilizing this for alerts, or are you also reviewing the data in the web-based reporting?

    FYI - in our upcoming 3.0 release our default Performance System package will work with any language, and EventSentry will support performance counter IDs (which work in any language) in addition to performance counter names.

    Oh, and your English is perfect.
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    Actually the division itself does seem to work fine, I just received an email alert (I've yet to dabble with the web-based reporting).

    The alert says free memory is 66 percent (I set the threshold to 99 to see if it worked).

    Anyway there must be something wrong with the way I configured email alerts because I set all thresholds to very high (or low) values for testing but I only got the one. Shouldn't I be bombarded?
  • Great.

    Did you push the configuration (using Remote Update) to the other monitored servers? If you just make a configuration change on the machine where the management console is installed, then the configuration update will only be picked up by the local agent.

    This is probably why you didn't get more alerts - pls let me know.
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    No, I'm testing this on just one server right now.

    But I found out what it was: I had configured somewhere else a frequency of no more than one email per hour. So it's all good.

    Really, I'm a control freak and I love this software to no end. Thanks.

    EDIT: actually, I can't find the option anymore for overriding email frequency to one per hour tops. It was there somewhere, though.

    EDIT2: found it.
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