Service status excluding a service

For the Service status reports when looking at Automatic/stopped services is there any way to exclude say the .net services & others as they are set to automatic and are usually stopped so kind of screw up the reporting.


  • HI Steve,

    If you don't want to monitor the .net services or others, under "System Health Packages" you will have service monitoring and by default, it will monitoring all services except for the ones listed. All you have to do is add the service key name to the list and then push the configuration out to all your machines, and the agent will no longer monitor that service.
  • Hi Steven,

    Yes like you say by default it's monitoring everything apart a list already defined.
    When I go to add another service I can't see the ones I want, can I type it in? It seems to only take it on display name and I can't edit the key name so not sure it'll work properly.
  • HI Steve,

    Yes, if you don't see the service you'd like to exclude you can type in the service name. For example, Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319_X64 (display name) you would type in the service name:


  • Thanks this has removed the services
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