upgrade (with import) from 2.92.30 to 2.93

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We are hoping to get some advice regarding an upgrade.

We are currently running EventSentry 2.92 build 30 on Windows 2003 Server. We are upgrading to the newest version on platform Windows Server 2012 R2. We have more than a handful of events in our current EventSentry configuration. We'd like to export that configuration and import it into the new install as outlined in this tutorial:


However, since we are *not* doing an upgrade install, but rather doing a totally new install on a totally new server, I have a question about the sequence of events, which I believe should go like this:

1) Export config on old EventSentry.
2) Install newest EventSentry on new server.
***3) Import config into the newest EventSentry on the new server.
***4) Run the configuration assistant on the new version, this will upgrade the DB's in the old config and other things like that.
5) Done?

My real concern is with steps 3 and 4. Is that the correct sequence? The DB's have to be upgraded on the old config, so we'll have to run the configuration assistant *after* we import the config, right? Or is there a better way to do this upgrade?

One option is to just re-create all of the events on the new install from scratch. This would be the preferred method if there is any chance of the export/import having issues.

Thanks for your time!



  • Hi Alex,

    I would do the following, slightly different from your procedure:

    1) Export config
    2) Import the .reg file on the new server
    3) Start the installation

    If you run into any oddities at that stage please let us know here.

    4) The installer should proceed without issues and launch the configuration assistant
    5) The configuration assistant should automatically update the database(s) found in your config

    You should then be done. Again, please let us know if you run into any issues, or have any questions.

  • Great! Thanks for the fast response. Let me ask one question so I'm sure I know what you mean.

    Step 2: Import the reg file. Since the software wouldn't be installed on the new server yet, you simply mean to double click on the .reg file to import that data into the windows register. Then when the software installs (and runs the config manager) it will recognize that data in the registry.

    Do I understand correctly?


  • Hi Alex,

    Yes, that is correct. However, since the Windows Server 2003 machine is most likely x86 and the Windows Server 2012 is x64 the .reg file will need to be edited.

    You can use an text editor to replace:




    This will allow you to import the configuration by just clicking on the .reg file before you do the install on the new machine.
  • Totally understand. Thank you for the great help!

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