Web reports on IIS7

How do i install the new web reports 3.0 on IIS7 instead of the embedded Tomcat?


  • Hi Ken,

    At this point we only support running the v3.0 web reports with the embedded web server. We have been experimenting internally to see if the v3.0 web reports will run on IIS, but it is nothing that is production ready. I am curious, why not use the embedded Tomcat?

    The v2.93 web reports will continue to be supported on IIS and are still available.

  • Our main concern is security and patching of any web server. We are OK with the embedded but would then like to know if we need to watch for tomcat updates and security issues or if any possible issues arise with that web server will be handled by EventSentry updates. Thanks for the information. We really love what Netikus has done with this product and the upgrades being added.
  • I am glad to hear you like the new features. EventSentry will keep Tomcat patched and up to date.

    We will post alternate deployment options as they become available.
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