Changed its AGENT status from ERROR to Error

I get this message from only one of my servers (2008R2 box). All other servers are good. Just this one server gives this error message. I have tried to redeploy the agent, edited the heartbeat monitor, I added the service account to the domain admins group (maybe I need to reboot to kick in the admin group?)

Not sure what to do, the service and agent seem to be running fine, I just keep seeing this error message in the event log every 2 minutes.

Any advice?


  • What version of EventSentry are you currently running?
  • Version 3.0.1 Build 67
  • Can you please try the following:

    1. Stop the EventSentry Heartbeat Agent
    2. Under %systemroot%\syswow64\eventsentrty\temp open the "eventsentry_hb_v260_status.tmp"
    3. Find the name of the server in question and delete the line containing that server
    4. Start the service again

    Does that resolve the issue?

    If it does not, you can try to repeat the steps but this time add a step after (3) and also delete the heartbeat history (if acceptable) from the maintenance wizard in the web reports (Maintenance Wizard -> Hosts -> Certain Instances -> Select Host -> Select "Heartbeat"). Performing both steps should definitely resolve the issue.

    Also, we have made some improvements to the HB Agent in the upcoming version 3.1 which should resolve this issue without having to perform these manual steps.

    Please let us know, thanks!
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    Whoops made a mistake. The server that is having a problem is Server 2003 SP2 (x64)

    If you want me to check a file, would that be on the ES server, or the server that is having a problem?

    (Thanks for the quick help too!)

    EDIT- to say that the ES Server is running Server 2003 SP2 also.

    EDIT2- I tried the suggestion Ingmar and the errors have stopped! I will continue to monitor it but I think you did it! Thank you very much!
  • Hi Michael,

    That's great. Yes, you'd have to do this on the host where the heartbeat agent is running (usually the host where EventSentry was installed with the setup), but I think you already figured that out.

    Thanks for the update.
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