File In Use Error on Shared Files and Engineering Files slowness

Hello all, I am running into an issue with event sentry and was curious if anyone else has come across this as well. We are seeing a big delay being introduced to engineering files like CAD, SolidWorks etc... when the software is set to scan that folder with the FILE MONITORING option.

We are also seeing reports of FILE IN USE errors when users go to save Excel Macro Enabled files that have the FILE MONITORING turned on for that file path.
-Checked is Monitor Folder in Real Time
-Only verify checksum when last write time changed
-Detect File Checksum changes
-Log to Event Log [Warning]
-No other options are checked

Has anyone else run across this issue as well? Right now we have excluded these folders but was curious if there was a fix?



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    Hello Ismael,

    Do you have "Detect file checksum changes" enabled for those folders? If so, have you selected the "Ignore checksum changes for files larger than [ ] Mb" option under Advanced Settings & Optimizations? If you have large files in those folders, it takes time to generate a checksum for a large file, and it would help to set that advanced option so that EventSentry does not spend significant amounts of time generating checksums for large files.

    If you have hundreds or thousands of files (and/or subfolders if you have selected to monitor subdirectories) in the monitored directory, it takes significant time to initialize the monitoring and return to normal performance, since it has to generate a checksum index of every file for comparison.

    If it seems like enough time would have passed for the initialization to complete and you're still having slow performance, with the checksums ignored on large files, could you let us know how many files are being modified when you launch CAD or SolidWorks and what the size range is of these files?

    As for the issue you reported with Excel, we've never experienced this error or had it reported before, so could you let us know which version of Excel (please include Office service pack level) this is occurring on so that we can attempt to reproduce and fix the issue?

    Also, could you let us know which version of EventSentry you are using?

    Thanks and have a good day,
  • In regards to engineering software It reads in a lot of files but I don't believe it is writing to a lot of them.
    -Verify file checksum changes is enabled.
    -Ignore checksum for file larger than [] was not enabled.

    What do you consider a large file for Event Sentry in MBs?

    Office 2010 32 bit. 14.0.7128.5000
    Event Sentry 3.0.1 Build 120
  • We'd consider any file large for which it would take more than a second or so to calculate the checksum.

    If your users are saving large files (say 50Mb big), then EventSentry will update the checksum every time it's changed. At that point it will need to access the file so it can re-calculate the checksum. If that takes a few seconds, and the user attempts to re-save the file, then they may get "file in use" errors.

    How big are the files which are causing issues approximately?

    You can also try to download the "EventSentry SysAdmin Tools" from, and use the included "checksum.exe" utility to create a checksum. How long does it take with that tool to generate the checksum?

    Are you able to reproduce this issue on an isolated test system, or in a test folder with just a couple of files? If we can reproduce the issue, then we can make a better assessment as to what is causing it, and provide a work-around or fix.

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