Error: Unable to install and/or start remote helper service

This is the error message i get whenever i try to run a command on a remote computer, i have checked Authentication and it succeeded. i have used the file copy option without any problems.

Exit code: 1 Elapsed time (s): 0
Unable to install and/or start remote helper service


  • Does the user you are connecting under have permission to create a new service? This error should only be issued if the current credentials do not have sufficient privileges to copy files to the ADMIN$ share and create a service.

    Have you tried using psexec? It uses a similar mechanism, I would be curious whether that works.
  • psexec does the same thing with just a different error message. i found a post for psexec that says you need an account on each machine with the same username and you have to runas that user and specify the username and password in the psexec command, and that the Remote Service Management has to be allowed threw the firewall.

    Doing all those things it does work, but that doesn't work when i have different machines without that user on the local machine.
  • You mentioned it in your first post, but did you configure authentication for those hosts? When doing that, it should work even if the remote host doesn't have the same user configured.
  • when you say configure authentication do you mean click on the machine and store authentication credentials? if so then yes i did.
  • Give us a little bit of time, we will try to reproduce this issue on our end and will let you know what we find. Thanks!
  • Can you let us know what the operating system of the target host is, and whether it is part of a domain? Can I assume that the user account you are using is a local administrator on the target host?
  • The host i am running this on is a Win 7 and i am trying to connect to a Win 8 both have all their updates UAC and the firewall turned on with Remote Service Management allowed through and there is no domain so yes the user is a local administrator.
  • Can you please let us know what command you are trying to run on the remote computer that produces the error for you? This will allow us to try and reproduce the error in our test environment. Thank you.
  • i have a copy of this exe in this location on each machine and i am running this with the 'run command on remote host' option checked and the exe and arguments in the appropriate boxes

    C:\AutoAdminTools\ABC-Update.exe /S:WSUS /A:Install /Q:IsInstalled=0 /T:Software
  • Hello,

    I just wanted to follow up and let you know we are still working to reproduce this issue. Unfortunately, I don't have any other updates at this time. We will update you as we make progress with this, and thank you for your patience!

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