Recan Email are not being generated upon Server reboot

I'm not an EventSentry expert, but I use it at several customers who are typically a single server and 10 user site. On all the sites I have it setup I receive a rescan email when the server reboots which is what I want to see. I have one site that all I get is the email about the agent pending and the agent running. Based on my other sites I then get my rescan email after the agent running one. This site that doesn't happen and their clearly events during the reboot that would qualify. The customer in question is running: 3.0.1 Build 106. Normal email alerts seem to be working pretty normally.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Jim,

    The boot scan option is configured in the "Global Options" in the management console, right under "Service Control". Can you verify that the slider is all the way on the top?

    If the slider is already configured for a boot scan, then I would recommend you upgrade to the latest version 3.1 as the next step, to see if that resolves the issue.

    Please let us know if that helps.
  • The slider is up to the top. I will upgrade and see if theta helps.
  • Ingmar,
    The customer maintenance expired in December so I'm waiting for them to renew it - probably wont be till Tuesday. I went up to the latest version that their license file could go to and no resolution to the problem. I also notice I don't get test events also. I receive Windows Server Backup notifications based on include filters and test emails just fine. When I generate test events I see them in the application log, but no email.
  • Hi Jim,

    Which version of EventSentry are you running on that host now?

    Windows Server Backup events are coming from a different event log, so it could also be that a filter is not configured correctly.

    Are you familiar with the built-in event viewer in the EventSentry management console? You can right-click an event and choose "Test against filter rules", to see which rules match, and which don't, and why.
  • Ingmar,
    I went up to the final 3.01 so that would be 134. I'm familiar with the test with filters rules. I went to the several other sites that I use ES with with no issues and found a difference. The default Email Notifications were NEVER made on this site by the installer. What I mean is:

    Email Audit Failures
    Email Critical Events
    EventSentry Errors
    EventSentry Warning

    I've never had to build these before and they were just missing on this install. I recreated them and we'll see how it goes. This build seems a bit flaky. When you try to create the include from a level below Email Notifications to have it be above or below an existing one the GUI blows up. You must do it at the top level and then move it after its done.

    I think it would make sense to include a test to see if the default email notifications exist as part of the self-repair tool utility.

    I'm not 100% convinced its resolved yet until I see an error in the event logs that I also get an email for also.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I'm glad that you found this, that would definitely be a reason you were not getting any notifications.

    I'm not sure why the installer wouldn't have created this package, is it possible that somebody deleted the package? This is a default package, and should always be created.

    We'll look into possibly adding this to the self repair utility, thank you for the suggestions.

    We'd like to address the issue with the management console crashing when you add a filter in a certain context. It's possible that this issue has been resolved in the 3.1 release, but can you post the exact steps you're performing which cause the issue?

    Thank you!
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