Default Event Log Packages

If I disable any of the default Event Log Packages, export and import on another system. The default packages are re-enabled. Is there any way to permanently disable the packages when importing?


  • Paul,

    I've tried to re-create this issue on my test machines without much luck, could you please provide a screenshot of your package and filters prior to export and after import?

    Are you importing the packages as new packages on another system or are you updating the existing default packages on another system?

    Please also make sure you save your configuration prior to exporting packages.

  • Hi Alex,
    I can provide screen shots, but this happens when I export the default packages from one system and then try importing on another. If the default packages on system1 are disabled and exported, and the default packages on system2 are enabled (as they are by default), the imported packages from system1 do not change the status, i.e. they remain enabled.
  • Paul,

    I have been testing locally however I have not been able to re-produce this issue, when I import the configuration into another server the default package I disable shows as disabled on the new machine. Please provide the following information:

    What version of EventSentry do you have? The first step is to confirm you are fully updated.

    What operating system is EventSentry installed on? My testing was done on Server 2k12 R2, I would be more than happy to try on the same OS that you are using.

    Are you using EventSentry or EventSentry Light?
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