Resetting EventSentry

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We've had our eventsentry config for over 7 years (it was setup before I got here). It's a bit of a mess and people have lost a bit of faith as they aren't getting the events they expect.

This might be a bit of a "baby out with the bath water" predicament, but is it possible to effectively reset EventSentry to defaults?

We backup our config often so it wouldn't be an issue to restore and push the config out again if needed.



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    Hi Jason,

    Which version of EventSentry are you currently running? Of course I'm sorry to hear that you have lost faith.

    You cannot "reset" the EventSentry configuration unless you uninstall and re-install EventSentry, which is a straight-forward process.

    Before we send you more specific instructions, I was curious whether you utilize the EventSentry web reports (and as such store data in a central database), and if so, whether you plan on starting with a new database as well?

    Please let me know, thanks.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. We do use the web reports and make use of the reporting metrics. We'd rather not lose that if possible.

    The requirement I've been given is to ensure that all events are received and then people will decide which ones they want.


  • Hi,

    No problem, you won't have to loose that data, I just wanted to make sure. To make sure the uninstallation & reinstallation is smooth, you should make sure that you have the password for both the eventsentry_svc and the eventsentry_web user.

    The pwd for the former can be retrieved in the management console (under actions just locate the database action), and the latter can be retrieved from the web reports.

    Can you confirm that you were able to get both?

    Also, which version are you currently running?

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply, been on leave.

    We're on 3.1.1 Build 29
    Yes, I think (hope) I have the passwords
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