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Im testing the trial, and i need to monitor a log file from an application that resides in two server.
This is what i managed to do.
Installed the agents in these two servers, created a group and assigned them to it.
Connected to one host (for test purposes) and created a log file package and clicked in define file and file types.
then i created a name for the log, and pointed to his location(on the server) "c:\logs\app.log" and at the end i assigned this package to the group i created and saved all settings.

But after all that the log is still not showing in the webclient.

What am i doing wrong?

Thank you for your help


  • Hi Felipe,

    Thanks for giving EventSentry a try. First, I recommend that you make configuration changes on the machine where you installed and then push the configuration changes to the remote host(s), instead of connecting to the remote host and making the changes there. This way, your configuration changes on the remote host won't be overwritten when you make changes on the main EventSentry machine in the future.

    Since the steps you took to setup log file monitoring are technically correct, I would recommend that you simply repeat them on the machine where you installed EventSentry and then push the configuration to the remote host. Please see if that works.

    You can also check the file delimiter setting when you create the log file, EventSentry supports both Windows and Unix-style line endings. Sometimes applications on Windows log with Unix-style line endings, and you need to change that setting.

    If that doesn't help then please try restarting the EventSentry service on the host where you are monitoring the app.log file and see if that makes a difference.

    Also, do you see other data in the web interface?

    Please let us know if these suggestions helped resolve the issue, thanks!
  • Thanks, After some time i could see the logs in webreporting page.
  • Great, thanks for letting us know.

    Some applications (e.g. IIS) don't immediately write log data to the log files but wait for an internal buffer to fill up before they flush the contents to the file.
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