The AGENT status of host $SERVER remains at UNKNOWN due to error ""

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Okay gang. Here's the skinny.

Recently got the company to pay for renewing ES and upgraded to 3.1.1 from 2.81(or something close). The upgrade went fine but I'm now getting some odd alerts on the Management server. It's not all my servers but it is a few of them. The full alert is this.

SOURCE : EventSentry
CATEGORY : Heartbeat Monitoring
EVENT ID : 11051
DATE / TIME : 6/8/2015 11:34:56 PM
MESSAGE : The AGENT status of host $SERVER remains at UNKNOWN due to error "".

I've checked the status of the agents and everything is fine. They are also the most current agent. The individual servers are not throwing errors about stopped services or rebooting at the time of these alerts. I seem to get a batch of about 5 servers at a time when this happens. I'm running the Heartbeat service under a domain admin so authentication is not an issue. I'm going to try and remove and reinstall the agent on the effected servers but is there anything else I should try or look at?



  • Something else that might point to the issue.... These servers are 2008 and 2008 R2 servers. This is not happening to ALL of my 2008 servers though.
  • Hi Todd,

    Thanks for upgrading!

    This is a known issue in the latest build of EventSentry, and it happens when checking the agent status of a remote host repeatedly takes more than 45 seconds.

    We already have a fix available and plan to release a patch this week. To resolve this issue you can:

    * contact our support team for the latest build
    * restart the heartbeat agent when it happens
    * wait for the patch

    Thank you for reporting this.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I won't know for sure for another 4 hours (when the alerts 'should' go off) but it seems removing the agent, rebooting and then reinstalling it seems to work. I know I could tweak my heartbeats or check the logs but I don't want to muddy up my troubleshooting and this is not that big of an issue yet. I have narrowed it down to 7 of my servers so it's not wide spread on my network. I think I'll go with my solution if it works or just wait till the patch.

    Thanks again Ingmar.
  • Hi Todd,

    It's not necessary to remove the agent and reboot that server. The only thing that would be required is to restart the EventSentry Heartbeat service on the management console machine.

  • Any word on when this patch is going to be released? I've had to start restarting the heartbeat service almost daily or I get 20 alerts every couple of hours. I'd rather not run an untested build if I don't have to.
  • Currently running v3.1.1 Build 60 across the board.
  • Hi Todd,

    We have an updated build for the heartbeat agent which should resolve the issue you are experiencing, it's been tested internally and in some customer environments.

    It would be great if you could it install it and confirm that it resolves the issues you have been experiencing.

    Otherwise we plan on releasing a patch later this week.

    Thank you!
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