EventSentry with SQL Server( Always On Environment)

Hi Guys, i managed to get the EventSentry Working...

I made the database migration to our SQL Server under Aways On and everything works like a charm except the WebReporting page,

When i try to access the page i have to do the configuration steps, when i try to connect to the SQL Listener i receive the following message.

I/O Error: DB server closed connection.

I checked the server name and ip and the name resolution is working fine.
We use a different port and i can close a connection over telnet.

The EventSentry is created on the server correctly and the user eventsentry_web is the database administrator for EventSentry Database.

Also i made a test with sql tools and i can access the database with the following user.

Do you guy have any tips to solve this issue?



  • Hi Felipe,

    It sounds like you could have the "Force Encryption" setting enabled on your SQL Database server. You can verify this by opening "SQL Server Configuration Manager" and right clicking on "Protocols for *****" and selecting "Properties" and that setting will be on the "Flags" tab.

    If that is enabled, we've put together a knowledge base article that should help you out:

    If that doesn't resolve your issue then please let us know.


  • Thank You Steven,
    Ill check it out.
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