Missing Server Information in some pages.

Hi guys,

I am in the trial to see if the eventsentry will fit to all demands of our environment, and im enjoying all capabilities,
Now im facing the following issue.
I added two servers that are in our dmz vlan also i setup a iis8 package and some random log files that these servers generates.

The problem is, i made this two days ago... i saved the changes.... setup the log files and assigned the packages to the group where the mentioned servers are.

I can see these servers information under the status dropdown menu...but i cant see these servers under network dashboard and the others menus... and i cant see theses servers logs under the log dropdown menu...neither eventviewer, log file or even delimited log file...

i made the agent check test and everything seems to be ok... but where is the data i need?

Thank you for the support.



  • Hi Felipe,

    I'm assuming that you deployed the agent and are able to push configuration updates successfully as well. Please let me know if that is not the case.

    I'm guessing that the issue is that the agents cannot communicate with the database you setup, since the agents are running in the DMZ where there may be restricted access.

    Depending on the database you are using, you could try to telnet to the database server, or setup an ODBC DSN to test the connectivity.

    For example, with Microsoft Sql server you would need to make sure that port 1433 is reachable from the DMZ. The port numbers differ based on the type of database you are using.

    Please let me know if that helps.

  • Yeah, all agents are deployed and ok, and i was suspecting about the database issue. as these servers are in the dmz and they cannot access the database due to pci best practices i was wondering about what can i do to solve this issue?
  • There are a few things you can do. How many servers do you have in the DMZ?

    1. You could setup a separate database instance on MSSQL (which listens on a separate TCP port) on your LAN, and only allow hosts from the DMZ to access that instance. You would then create an additional profile in the web reports to access data from the DMZ.

    2. You could setup a completely different database server (e.g. PostgreSQL or MySQL) and allow traffic from the DMZ only to that server. You would create an additional profile in the web reports to access data from the DMZ.

    3. You could setup a database server in the DMZ (e.g. MSSQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL) and configure the hosts in the DMZ to send their data to that database server. You could then either allow access from the LAN to that database server in the DMZ, so that the (same) web reports can access the data from the DMZ. If that is not an option, you would need to setup the web reports in the DMZ, and subsequently access the web reports in the DMZ to access data from hosts in the DMZ.

    Hopefully one of those options could work for you, let me know which one sounds best. Thanks!
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