Change Password , Access Denied


i´m trying change the password Administrator to many servers without AD
but when i try with the AutoAdministrator giving access denied errors

any suggestions ?

thank you



  • Are you logged in with an account which has permissions to reset passwords on remote hosts?

    You need administrative permissions to reset a password, but you can also simply change a password if you know the existing password.

    Are you pulling the computer names from the workgroup browsing, or did you setup your own groups in AutoAdministrator?
  • Hello Ingmar

    Thanks for response,

    Yes i have workgroups in the browsing and my owns groups and
    I stored authentication credencials in the servers with Administrator rights then and try with the administrator account too but the error persist

    access denied :(

    i test in one computer with windows 7 and works!
    but in the server 2008 isn´t :(

  • i found the cause!
    the clients servers have in the user Administrator properties the check box ON "user cannot change password" only disable the checkbox and works fine !!

    thanks for this excellent tool for administration !!

  • Hi Edith,

    Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the issue, we'll keep that in mind for the future.

    You are welcome!
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