Action 'Play sound' on Windows 7

Hi. I'm playing with EventSentry Lite on Windows 7 (is installed on Windows 7 and monitoring another Windows 7), to see what it has to offer, and have managed to set up a Heartbeat alert which i know works because one of the actions is 'Show a pop-up message on desktop' and that happens when I shutdown the workstation I'm monitoring. However another associated action is to 'Play a sound' which works fine when I hit the 'Test' button during configuration but doesn't happen when the event trips for real. Having spent ages trying different approaches and looking online, it seems this could be caused by Windows 7 'Session 0' isolation if it's a background Service component of Event Sentry trying to play the sound rather than (eg) the GUI itself running in my own session. If that's the case, does it mean I can't run have audible alerts if running the main Event Sentry component on a Windows 7 workstation?
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