Monitoring a custom application log file

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I am trying to use EventSentry to monitor a custom application log and trigger a action either a mail or log data to inbuilt database. I have 2 issues

1) I Added a new package under LogFiles Section and added a file to monitor. Once added I chose the option to Add to primary database and also add an entry to EventLog as Error. This is not happening when I add an entry in the Log File.

2) In the primary database which table should I be looking to see if data is getting logged when an entry is made to this file.

Any online tutorial describing the exact scenario would also be good , just in case I have missed some steps.



  • I was able to figure this out, now I am able to see entries in Event Log when an entry in file is made.
  • I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue. It may be useful for other users to know how you resolved the issue, can you share with us how you resolved the issue?

  • I was just doing the settings all wrong and in one of the forum links they had clearly mentioned the table name I need to look for seeing the Event Actions (eseventlogmain)
  • Great, thanks for letting us know!
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