Heartbeat Monitor Service not starting


I have an issue in Eventsentry where the Heartbeat Monitor Service fails to start. It was working successfully until last week sometime. Now, when I try to start the Heartbeat Service from within Eventsentry, it immediately stops. The actual service is using the same domain account with logon as service rights as always and I've checked that the account is not locked out and password is correct. When trying to start the service from the Services window, I get a fairly generic windows error stating that

"Windows could not start the EventSentry Heartbeat Monitor service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly."

I have tried using the local Network Service account as well as my own domain admin account, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the service from within Eventsentry, I've rebooted the machine, but the problem persists. The service account used is also used for the other EventSentry services and they are able to start successfully. Any assistance with this would be appreciated.


James Downes


  • This issue should be resolved in the latest build of EventSentry,
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