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I am using ES Lite ( on my home desktop and the only function I am interested in is to get email notifications of event log errors. A long time back, I used to get these email notifications of Windows errors but this hasn't worked in some time.

Now that I have moved to Win10, I decided to look at the problem and see if I could figure out what the problem is.

But as far as I can see, everything looks to be setup correctly to forward these logs.

The email account to use is labeled "Default email". I tested that ES could actually send an email and everything worked fine.

Can anyone point me to areas in ES I should check to try and get this functionality working?


  • Duplicate. How do I delete?
  • Very weird! After posting this query, I started getting the event logs in my email! Huh?
  • I deleted your duplicate entry, sorry about that. And I can assure you that posting comments does not automagically fix issues with EventSentry on your home desktop :-).

    When you installed EventSentry, did you enable the "Collector" component? If you did, then I would recommend that you disable it, since it's usually overkill on a desktop.

    Simple click on every email action you have setup and clear the "Use Collector" check box. Then, click on the "Collector" icon in the left tree view and stop & uninstall the collector. Make sure you save the configuration and restart the "EventSentry" service.

    Hope this helps!
  • Why do I want to turn the Collector off?
  • You don't have to turn the collector off, but it's a component that was designed for larger networks and thus not needed for a setup like yours.

    You will conserve memory & cpu time on your computer by turning it off and it won't negatively impact the functionality of EventSentry.
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