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I use ES solely to deliver event log entries to my email, where there is a better chance that I will see them.

There are some log entries that I want to eliminate. It seems that the way to do this is to filter them.

When I find the log in the ES GUI under Event Log Viewer (local), I can exclude the event. When I do this, I have to fill in the Filter Name AND a Package. How do I determine what "Package" to put the filter under? The help file wasn't helpful in answering this question.


  • BTW: Whenever I post a new discussion here, I get this error (below) that pops-up and no indication that the post was made (which is why I did a duplicate post yesterday). I am running Firefox ESR 45.2.0.

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  • Apparently I am doing something wrong in the filter building process because the 2 filters I built are not filtering anything!
  • Sorry for the issues with the forum, we are working on resolving this and this should be fixed shortly.

    We have a number of resources which explain and walk you through the creation of exclude filters:

    As far as the package is concerned, you can add your exclude filter either to an existing package, or you can create a new package and assign the filter to that package. It is up to you what you prefer - just make sure that the package is assigned correctly (or global).
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