Computers not showing on computer dashboard

We recently moved our EventSentry to a new server and did a fresh install and created a new MS SQL database. We installed the agent on 3 computers that did not previously have an agent. After some setup work we started adding computers to the new EventSentry. Events are being sent to the database and from the web reporting tool I can see events from all of the computers and there is data from all computers on the default dashboard. The only issue is the computer dashboard. From it there are only the 3 original computers listed in the dropdown box. How can I get all of the other computers to available on the computer dashboard?


  • Hi Phil,

    I would check the configuration settings inside the EventSentry management console to make that these new computers are assigned a 'Software/Inventory' package like the other computers. Are they assigned any of the Performance Monitoring packages? Do these missing computers appear under Inventory > Host in the web reports? Is there any recent data from these machines in Performance > Status?

  • It was the 'Software/Inventory' package. No computer groups were assigned that package. All computers now show up under Inventory > Hosts and computer dashboard.
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